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Skullcast 4/8/2013

Skullcast 4/8/2013

Ian, Chris, Moe and Jayme sit down to talk about a slew of upcoming indie titles, LucasArts shutting down, and our experiences with multiple MMO’s.


2 responses to “Skullcast 4/8/2013

  1. Hopeless

    Finally listened to your podcasts, not interested in Dark Souls but liked the Final Fantasy stuff (well… was introduced to FF7 and went from there just didn’t go when they went PS3), curious to see where you go with this makes a pleasant change to listen about computer games than rpg’s which is not something I’d have admitted before now!

    • skullcast

      Thanks for listening to us!! We’re glad you liked at least a good bit of what you heard – we’re gonna keep trying to evolve this creature we have until it’s top shelf, so make sure to check back in on us and give the new episodes a try! 🙂

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