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The Skullcast Podcast #17

The Skullcast Podcast #17


One response to “The Skullcast Podcast #17

  1. mav5656 ⋅

    What’s up skull head’s? i have some news you may like and it might not be true in i don’t know yet, i was reading some articles and i came a cross a game called “project beast” and to top it all off “dark souls” was called “project dark” here is a link ; it looks like an other game like dark souls, by the looks of it they have guns and looking away from magic use, also saying its going to be a PS4 only game next-gen shit.

    OK here is a other one, now Xbox one has priced dropped from $499 to $399, they dropped the connect so its just the system alone. to me there losing sales against PS4.

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